Rodent Control

We inspect your entire property to identify locations where rodents reside or enter your premises. We than set up rodent bait stations at various strategic locations in and around the buildings. These bait stations securely hold the bait within the station which means that secondary poisoning of non target animals are greatly reduced to almost zero.



Per station



General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe


General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe

ANTS - Additional Extra

Ants is an additional treatment to standard Pest Control Service.

Other Commercial Types

For any other type of commercial premises, please contact us for a quote.




Bait station @ $25


Set up Fee and Initial Possum


Subject to Location & hive size
$220 Per Hive

Fleas- Small Home

Property less than 700 m2

Fleas- Large Home

Property size between 700 m2 to 1000 m2

Bed Bugs

$370 for 1st Room$180 for every room thereafter
$370 1st Room$180/Room Thereafter

Termite Inspection & Report


Pre-Purchase Report


Pre-construction Termite Barriers and Treatments:

$130/Call out

HomeGuard Blue

$15 Linear/Mtr

HomeGuard Pre slab Barrier

$25 Linear/Mtr

Termite Collars

$10 Each

About Rodents

Rodents are a serious health threat, also they can cause electrical damage, timber damage to your property which can be a hazard to to your business or family. You can also find that you become infested with rodents if there is a building being demolished close by.

To reduce the risk of rodents:

  • Store firewood away from the side of sheds and fences and keep it clear from the ground. (This will also help prevent termite activity).
  • Regularly remove or limit garden waste or other disused materials in sheds or around your yard.
  • Remove fruit or nuts from trees or vines at the end of the season.
  • Block holes or potential access points around all buildings.
  • Keep pet food dishes clean and stored bulk pet food supplies in manner which denies access to rats.
  • Rubbish bins and compost containers should be well maintained and free from holes.

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