Possum Control

We are dedicated to providing an eco-friendly possum removal service. Our service includes inspecting your home for entry points, ensuring all possums are removed and repairing your building back to its original condition.

Set up fee and initial possums



General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe


General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe

ANTS - Additional Extra

Ants is an additional treatment to standard Pest Control Service.

Other Commercial Types

For any other type of commercial premises, please contact us for a quote.




Bait station @ $25


Set up Fee and Initial Possum


Subject to Location & hive size
$220 Per Hive

Fleas- Small Home

Property less than 700 m2

Fleas- Large Home

Property size between 700 m2 to 1000 m2

Bed Bugs

$370 for 1st Room$180 for every room thereafter
$370 1st Room$180/Room Thereafter

Termite Inspection & Report


Pre-Purchase Report


Pre-construction Termite Barriers and Treatments:

$130/Call out

HomeGuard Blue

$15 Linear/Mtr

HomeGuard Pre slab Barrier

$25 Linear/Mtr

Termite Collars

$10 Each

About Possums

Possums are nocturnal and are most active at night time.

The brush tailed possum is one of seven species and is about the size of a cat. They have a pointy snout and a pink nose. There whiskers are long and they can grow as big as 550mm long. The tail is prehensile and assists the sharp claws in climbing trees. They are usually black, grey in colour.

These possums live in gum trees, their nests usually hidden away in the forks of branches. They become quite used to suburban life, and if you have a corrugated iron roof near a gum tree you will hear them thumping across the roof usually soon after dark and just before dawn, and they will try to nest in the your ceiling if there is any gap or opening, they can get pretty noisy and If they get into a your house don’t try catching it. Just open a clear way and let it out.

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