Fleas Control

Fleas can be successfully controlled only when infested pests and premises are treated at the same time. Effective flea management involves:

  1. Inspection
  2. Sanitation
  3. Treatment of indoor premises
  4. Treatment of outdoor premises
  5. Treatment of pets

Property less than 700/sqm


Property size between 700/sqm to 1000/sqm



General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe


General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe

ANTS - Additional Extra

Ants is an additional treatment to standard Pest Control Service.

Other Commercial Types

For any other type of commercial premises, please contact us for a quote.




Bait station @ $25


Set up Fee and Initial Possum


Subject to Location & hive size
$220 Per Hive

Fleas- Small Home

Property less than 700 m2

Fleas- Large Home

Property size between 700 m2 to 1000 m2

Bed Bugs

$370 for 1st Room$180 for every room thereafter
$370 1st Room$180/Room Thereafter

Termite Inspection & Report


Pre-Purchase Report


Pre-construction Termite Barriers and Treatments:

$130/Call out

HomeGuard Blue

$15 Linear/Mtr

HomeGuard Pre slab Barrier

$25 Linear/Mtr

Termite Collars

$10 Each

Treating for fleas in your home

The use of insect growth inhibitors and residual insecticides.

  • Frequently dust, sweep, vacuum, and mop all surfaces where pets or you
    have been. Eggs are laid on the pet and drop off as it moves.
  • All affected pets should be treated at this time and removed from the premises for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Remove birds from the home.
  • Cover or remove fish, and turn off the pump.
  • You should keep covered shoes on until all treated areas have dried (4-6 hours).

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