Bees & Wasp Control

Removing bee and wasp nests from cavities (walls of houses, hollow trees) is a time-consuming, labour-intensive practice that is undertaken by an IMP professionals. We remove bee hives from the building and all traces of the nest. In most cases an inner wall or ceiling must be removed.


Subject to size and location of hive





General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe


General Pest Control Treatment100% Food Safe

ANTS - Additional Extra

Ants is an additional treatment to standard Pest Control Service.

Other Commercial Types

For any other type of commercial premises, please contact us for a quote.




Bait station @ $25


Set up Fee and Initial Possum


Subject to Location & hive size
$220 Per Hive

Fleas- Small Home

Property less than 700 m2

Fleas- Large Home

Property size between 700 m2 to 1000 m2

Bed Bugs

$370 for 1st Room$180 for every room thereafter
$370 1st Room$180/Room Thereafter

Termite Inspection & Report


Pre-Purchase Report


Pre-construction Termite Barriers and Treatments:

$130/Call out

HomeGuard Blue

$15 Linear/Mtr

HomeGuard Pre slab Barrier

$25 Linear/Mtr

Termite Collars

$10 Each

About Bees & Wasp

Honeybees form swarms as part of the establishment of new hives and colonies.

Wasp nests can be found mainly in dark, protective areasThese include under the house, amongst ivy, underground and in the walls of weatherboard houses.

Some tips for discouraging wasps nesting in your house and yard:

  • Cover swimming pools, bird baths and ponds
  • Cover windows and doors with fly screens
  • Remove all garden clippings, compost, pet food and damaged/rotten fruit from your garden.
  • Water the garden at night time when wasps are least active.

Remember: Seek emergency medical help immediately if the victim has a history of serious reactions to stings or if a serious reaction seems to be developing. While less than three persons out of a thousand are allergic or hypersensitive to bee or wasp stings (or fire ants), those who are may develop a life threatening reaction such as dizziness, shock, difficulty breathing or swelling of the throat.

These reactions, known as anaphylaxis, may appear immediately after the sting or up to an hour later and require immediate medical attention. Less severe reactions include swelling, hives, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and headache. Any sting in the mouth or on the neck requires caution, as swelling in those areas may cause suffocation.

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