Do you have a Pest problem in Sydney

At IPM Pest Control we identify the type of pest effecting your Home or Business. We implement an Environmentally friendly, effective and affordable Pest Control Treatment plan to remove any type of problem you may have, we will continue to come out to your premises until the pest problem is under control and you are 100% satisfied with the results and service. It is not necessary to leave your Home during the treatment process with minimal disruptions to your family or business. We guarantee all domestic pest treatments for 6 months



Q: How much is a general pest treatment?

A: The price depends on the treatment needed, see our pricing page for costs here

Q: How do I pay?

​a: Cash, Credit Card, Bank Deposit, Bank Cheque.

Q: What pests do you treat?​

A: We treat All kind of pests within your home, RATS, MICE, COCKROACHES, TERMITES, BED BUGS, ANTS. PLUS MORE.

Q: How do I contact you?

A; By phone on 0451 666 667, via email: info@ipmsydney.com.au or through our website using the Contact Form.

Q: How quickly will you come out to do the job?

A: At IPM Pest Control we aim to deal with all requests as quickly as possible. Sometimes we can come out on the day, however response times can be between the day the call is logged to a maximum of 48hrs according to the perceived risk.

* Our target response times are as follows:

All Jobs are important to us so if you have an urgent situation we will work with you to fix you problem.

Rats inside house - 1-2 working days
Rats outside - 1-3 working days
Mice inside house -1-2 working days
Mice outside - 1-2 working days
Ants - 1-2 working days
Fleas - 1-2 working days
Wasps inside house - on the day if possible
Wasps outside - 1 working day

Q: Do I have to be on the premise?

A: If the problem is outside, for instance a wasps nest in the back garden, you do not have to be there. For security and insurance reasons we will not go into a house without the householder, or their representative being present.

Q: Can I make an Appointment?

A: We can usually arrange an appointment Mondays-Sunday between 24hrs given a few days notice.


    So feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment via the contact page.

Q: How long does treatment take?

A: It depends on type of insect. Treatment details could be discussed at the time of booking. Treatments, For wasps can be as quick as a few minutes.

​For rodents it often takes a while to find where they are coming from,than work out a treatment plan. A second visit will sometimes be needed to check Rodent stations . We will also visit again for rodent replenishment (Rodent station) until problem is under control.