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Silverfish are about 1/2 inch long, with a uniform silvery Colour over the upper surface. Their bodies are long, slender and flattened. Their bodies are broad at the front, and gradually tapering toward the rear.

Silverfish prefer a dark, moist environment and require a large supply of starchy foods or molds and are considered to be nuisance pests that can feed on wallpaper pastes, natural textiles, books, and papers. Silverfish also feed on mold or fungi that can grow on various surfaces.

They are fast-moving and can travel throughout buildings. Silverfish are found in basements, kitchens, sinks, bathtubs, in bookcases, on closet shelves, behind baseboards, wallpaper, window or door frames, wall voids, and sub-floor areas. Outside, they may be found in nest of insects, birds, mammals, and under tree bark and mulch.

They can be found in wood shingles or sidings on houses, they may enter the home from these. Silverfish are active at night or active in dark places found throughout the structures they inhabit. You may see silverfish trapped in sinks and bathtubs because they enter seeking moisture and are unable to climb a slick vertical surface to escape

Once silverfish find a good source of food, they stay close to it.


Silverfish go through only a three stage life cycle called gradual metamorphosis, while many insects have a four stage life cycle (complete metamorphosis).
Silverfish may lay eggs at any time during the year, and take 19-43 days to hatch. The life cycle from silverfish egg to adult is three to four months.

They prefer humid areas (75 to 97% humidity), like bathrooms and moderate temperatures (70o to 80o F).

Silverfish can damage book bindings, wallpaper, paper goods and dry foods. They may eat holes, irregular shaped in the wallpaper to get to the paste. They can also bite very small holes in various fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk, even though they cannot digest either linen or cotton.

Sanitation is the first and foremost element of any effective silverfish control program and is most suitable for the control of all crawling insects.

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