Do you have a spider problem in Sydney

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A spider uses venom to paralyse its prey, usually flies and other insects. However, a spider that feels frightened or threatened by a human may bite. The few Australian spiders that can cause potentially harmful bites include the funnel-web, the mouse, the red-back and the white-tailed spiders.

​People at greater risk of severe reactions to spider venom include babies, young children, the elderly and people with an existing heart condition. Some people may also be allergic to certain venom and experience an adverse reaction. Immediate medical treatment is recommended.


If in doubt, see your doctor, go to the emergency department of your nearest hospital or dial triple zero (000) to call an ambulance.

10 of the Most Most Common & Deadliest Spiders in Australia


1. Sydney Funnel Web – Yep, they’re pretty scary looking, and we know them as the worst of Aussie spiders. But they’re only found within 100kms of Sydney’s CBD, and aren’t encountered very often. Sure, they can be aggressive, but since anti venom was made in 1981 they haven’t killed anyone.'​

2 Other Funnel Webs – Except for the NT and WA, funnel web spiders are found throughout Australia. Most bites are in QLD and NSW, but the good news is that anti-venom is VERY effective.
3. Red-back – It’s the female red-back you’re most likely to recognize, but her fangs are so small that chances are if she bites you, it’ll be completely ineffective. Plus, anti-venom has been around since the 1950s, when deaths from these spiders stopped.

4. Mouse spider – Often confused with funnel webs, mouse spiders are much less aggressive and their bites are effectively treated with funnel web anti-venom.

5. Trapdoor – In humans, bites from the trapdoor spider are very mild, typically only giving some localized pain. Fun fact: they can live up to 20 years!

6. Whitetail – These spiders have a reputation for causing tissue necrosis around a bite, but scientific evidence doesn’t support this at all. Recent studies found the venom is no great risk to humans, and bites only inflict localized pain.

7. Tarantulas – They look scary, but they’re not fatal to humans. The greatest risk is some nasty pain because of their large fangs.

8. Recluse spider – They have a bad rep, it’s true. But recluse spiders in Australia very rarely bite – and there are no recorded envenomation cases here…ever.

9. Huntsman – Chances are, you’ll meet dozens of these living in Australia. The good news is that, really, they’re harmless. The greatest danger from huntsman is from you hurting YOURSELF when trying to get away from one. Plus, they eat annoying insects in the home (but I’m with you, that’s no reason to let them stay).

10. Common Garden Orb Weaver – Actually…these really pretty spiders do bite. A lot. They are the most common cause of spider bites. That said, the worst you’ll get is some mild local pain.



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