Do you have a Rodent problem in Sydney

At IPM Pest Control we identify the type of rodent effecting your Home or Business. We implement an Environmentally friendly, effective and affordable Pest Control Treatment plan to remove any type of problem you may have, we will continue to come out to your premises until the pest problem is under control and you are 100% satisfied with the results and service.

It is not necessary to leave your Home during the treatment process with minimal disruptions to your family or business. We guarantee all domestic pest treatments for 6 monthsContact IPM Pest Control for the implementation of a control and management procedure to eliminate your rodent problem garuanteed.


Rodents are a serious health threat, also they can cause electricals damage, timber damage to your property which can be a hazard to to your business or family. You can also find that you become infested with rodents if there is a building being demolished close by.


Avoiding rat problems​

- Store firewood away from the side of sheds and fences and keep it clear from the ground. (This will also help prevent termite activity).

- Regularly remove or limit garden waste or other disused materials in sheds or around your yard.​

- Remove fruit or nuts from trees or vines at the end of the season.​

- Block holes or potential access points around all buildings.​

- Keep pet food dishes clean and stored bulk pet food supplies in manner which denies access to rats.​

- Rubbish bins and compost containers should be well maintained and free from holes.​

If you do have a rat or any rodent problem you can Contact IPM Pest Control 24hrs on 0451 666 667 or contact us online now to arrange an inspection and treatment plan.