Mice & Rodents

Do you have a Rodent problem in Sydney

At IPM Pest Control we identify the type of rodents effecting your Home or Business. We implement an Environmentally friendly, effective and affordable Pest Control Treatment plan to remove any type of problem you may have, we will continue to come out to your premises until the pest problem is under control and you are 100% satisfied with the results and service.

It is not necessary to leave your Home during the treatment process with minimal disruptions to your family or business. We guarantee all domestic pest treatments for 6 months

Rodents are annoying and noisy mammals that will nest in buildings providing they have access to food and are sheltered.


Generally nesting in groups in your roof void, wall void and under wooden floors.​

Rats are mainly nocturnal mammals that are creatures of habit, they will often use the same paths to travel and feed from. Rats will continue to use the same food source for as long as possible.

Mice on the other hand are a little bit more adventurous and will often explore different food sources and may feed from more than one food source.

Rats and mice have very accomplished climbing skills and can scale walls, pipes, cables and trees. Both are also extremely good swimmers.


They both constantly gnaw and because of this they are known to cause damage to a large range of materials, more often the damage in a house is to doors, skirting boards and other parts of a building structure. They are known to gnaw at upholstery, books, parts of equipment or machinery and wiring. This gnawing at wiring which is not only costly to repair, it also has the potential to start fires. Contact IPM Pest Control For Advise

Through-out history rodents have been responsible for transmitting various diseases to humans. Some of the results of rodent contamination are tapeworm, salmonella food poisoning and various other fevers.



They can transmit these and many others through a variety of means including:

- Food contamination or utensils with urine or droppings.​

- Contamination by direct contact with urine or droppings, where bacteria can enter the skin through small scratches.​

- Indirect contamination through blood sucking insects like fleas and mosquitoes.​

- Contamination by directly biting humans.

- Food spoilage and contamination which occur mostly in commercial premises can be responsible for large losses of food in storage, either by directly eating the foods or by rendering them inedible through contamination.

Rats and mice in buildings pose a serious threat to human health.  The disease threat alone is justifiable cause for concern and for the implementation of sound control and management procedures.​

Things to look for.

- Droppings.
- Debris like snail shells with the sides eaten out, cape lilac berries,
left in the corners of sheds, under homes and other secluded spots.
- Signs of fruit and vegetables being eaten.
- Greasy rub marks along paths they travel.
- Burrow holes around buildings.
- Signs of gnawing damage.
- Pet dogs, cats, birds being more excitable than usual.
- Squeaking, gnawing or movement noises in walls, cupboards and ceilings and under floors, especially at night.



IPM Pest Control can carry out an eradication program to your property. We have qualified operators able to assess your situation now.


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