Do you have a Flea problem in Sydney

At IPM Pest Control we identify the type of Fleas effecting your Home or Business. We implement an Environmentally friendly, effective and affordable Pest Control Treatment plan to remove any type of problem you may have, we will continue to come out to your premises until the pest problem is under control and you are 100% satisfied with the results and service. It is not necessary to leave your Home during the treatment process with minimal disruptions to your family or business. We guarantee all domestic pest treatments for 6 months


Fleas are common household pests attacking dogs, cats and sometimes people. In addition to these, several other fleas species feeding principally on rodents and occasionally on poultry and livestock.

Adult fleas are approximately 1/12 to 1/8 inch long, wingless, reddish-brown, hard bodied and compressed from side to side like the blade of a knife. Fleas are excellent jumpers, which gives the false impression that they can fly.

Adult fleas are primarily external parasites of cats and dogs but, in the absence of their preferred hosts, will bite humans.

Adult fleas have piercing-sucking mouth-parts with which they penetrate the skin for a blood meal. Flea bites most often occur on legs, particularly around the ankles. The typical human reaction to a flea bite is the formation of a small, hard, red, slightly raised, itching spot with no swelling. Some bleeding can occur, particularly if the bitten area is scratched.

Management Strategies

Fleas can be successfully controlled only when infested pests and premises are treated at the same time. Effective flea management involves:

3.Treatment of indoor premises
4.Treatment of outdoor premises
5.Treatment of pets


The use of insect growth inhibitors and residual insecticides.


If you do have a flea problem please use the tips above then Contact IPM Pest Control Immediately on 0451 666 667 or contact us online now to arrange an inspection immediately for removal.